Another day chasing the light, another day telling a story.
Project info

This is a long-term street photography project, which speaks about light, speaks about my city. And why not say it speaks of me.

For months I have walked and I continue walking the streets of my city, chasing the light, day after day, until I began to feel something strange, the need to want to be photographer had disappeared and only my love for photography remained, and this did in me to be more and more passionate about something as simple as the life that I am, that we are all, always full of possibilities, full of probabilities, pure serendipity and at the same time concretion, a present that I accept honestly that I ignore every second, if I'm trully fully present.

So now you will think that more than talking about photography, I speak from what is behind it. It seems me more important to convey what I do feel, wherever I am, in this case from my city and my day to day , instead to speak about technical issues or try to reveal something that you didn't know about this world, which is still important. It seems to me more honest to admit that one doesn't know and perhaps for that reason to photograph, to accept that I don't know myself, and remember what we usually forget, the life that we are every moment. I can't tell you more about the photographs than what they themselves can say, you will affect them and they will affect you, and those instants of subjectivity will also be part of yours, because only from this is always arising again and again, in this present, the emotion that unites us. Deep down, we suspect that it is the same whether this feeling is lived from the present moment from which I felt it, or from the present from which you feel it.