I was Here / Ut possumus, exeamus
Project info

This is my first solo installation.

It is inspired by the 14th century Flemish painter Jan Van Eyck who signed his paintings with variants of his motto "as I can" or "as best I can".

He also inscribed his painting The Arnolfini Portrait with "I was here/Johannes Van Eyck made me 1434". It is this painting that has inspired this series because of it's perspective. It is the very idea of perspective that led me to create this series.

Furthermore, like many of the great artists that came after Van Eyck, they too, I believe, created works inspired by his words consciously or otherwise.

This series of images have been taken in the hope of inspiring viewers to see other sides of the staff who work in the cafe where this series is being shown but more importantly to start to give consideration to what perspective might mean to the viewer broadly through my works. In doing this series, my intention is to expand a gallery space and my idea of perspective into a real time installation for both the viewer and subjects. I hope that this will result in considering what perspective might mean today.

I personally believe we should all aspire to be the best we can be as individuals but also through our interactions with others. Never forgetting we all have beauty and talent and that the words "I was here" applies to us all.