The Book of Colours
Project info

The Book of Colours is an intermediate project interlinked with The Book of Days.

Both are titles for poetry pamphlets I have written.

These images are my silence. They are stolen moments. They are views from my window or a glimpse that manifests a particular mood or feeling.

It's also about light and the very particular light of London.

It's from indoors out. Private but not hidden, just a quick shot at contemplation - extension of my thoughts towards what I see.

The light in most images come from the same window that provides the view.

Minimalist aesthetic. The colours can be somewhat muted but sharp. A play on how and where we expect (to see) colours.

I who personally like bold colours found some of the more muted images quite compelling simply for not being obvious to me nor what I expected them to be.

None of the images were manipulated nor edited in any way.

All images taken on my Blackberry Q10.