On the Asphalt
Project info

I started to shoot streetphotos in a quickly changing neighbourhood of Budapest in 2015. This special area of the city has everything that is less welcome in Hungary for some time now: foreign/exotic faces on the streets, irregularities in the decaying old houses and on the sidewalks, loud communication, obvious signs of poverty and not-so-peaceful coexistence of habitants. It is not the nostalgy that motivates me. Actually within a couple of years this area will probably disappear the same way certain part of it have already done as a result of gentrification - big chunks of the neighbourhood have been demolished to give way to the activity of the construction lobby. I am looking for the inherent beauty of apparently ugly things at places that are saturated both visually and emotionally while documentating the lifestyle the habitants. For this project i use mobilephone (iphone 5s).