Shot - 1
Project info

This is a first selection of candid photos that I took on the streets of my city, Montevideo. Most of them are part of a project named Shot.

Shot is a street photography project created by Gonzalo Gómez and Gustavo Rosas. We are curious photographers about what happens in the streets of Montevideo and walk quietly observing gestures, shapes, connections, something unpredictable in common places. We approach our subjects without using the zoom, to be in tune with life. For us, street photography is a form of aesthetic expression and a record of an age.

The uniqueness of a story over mere everyday is what we pursue. It is in this sense that we consider the street as an inexhaustible source of fleeting, spontaneous and emotional situations. The shape, light and content should be mutually supportive.

The project also aims to bring an appreciation of street photography to a wide audience through public forums, publications and exhibitions.