Student Entry - Emerging Talent Awards
Project info

Frontiers is a photographic series I began in 2011. I had just moved back to the United States after five years living in Paris. Being the daughter of a French mother and American Father, with family spread all over the world, I spent a great portion of my life traveling back and forth between Europe and America. Travel was very important to my parents and we did much of it together. They jumped at any opportunity for a cross-cultural experience and they instilled that same desire in me. My journeys started at 6 months old and I have never lasted more than 9 months in one place without feeling the need to escape for a while...needing a change of scenery, culture, language. But as I've grown older and as these experiences have shaped me, I'm beginning to realize that I no longer know where to call home. When I am in Georgia (where I was born and raised) I miss France. I feel like a foreigner, out of place, not quite in sync with the culture of the South or America in general. But, when I am in France I feel American.

While in Paris I met my husband who suffers the same tragic-comedic fate as me because of his dual Moroccan/French citizenship and our son will probably experience many of the same identity issues. As I began to ponder our circumstances and ask myself where home is, I realized that I have invented a home in my mind that unites all these places. Each time I cross a frontier, I bring traces of the previous place, the previous language, the previous culture back with me and home is where all these places come together.

Because I am not able to place it on a map and tell someone "look, this is where I'm from", I have used the imagery taken in those places and fused them in such a way that they represent the home I live in day to day. The photographs from this series represent my home. They are my representations of an inner world of fragments layered upon each other.