General Entry - Emerging Talent Awards
Project info

Experiences, moments embedded in silver. Translating the space, the light of the darkroom into an image with just chemicals. Cataloging and exploring materials that will never exist again. Finding a language of marks that allows me to respond to the unpredictable, changing chemical reactions.

I began this series as a way to experiment with different papers as I learned a new alternative process, chromoskedasic sabatier. However, as time passed, I grew to love the method of working with just the chemicals, pulling out unexpected colors and patterns with no image grounding the photograph. As I turned to push the project forward and buy new paper, I realized that the donated remnants of old boxes of paper represent materials that are no longer available. There is no Agfa, no Forte, no Oriental Warmtone.

So this series is a tribute to the specificity of the materials of the darkroom, a cataloguing of what is no longer there. I am using paper that has been given to me by friends and colleagues as they pare down their darkroom supplies or stop working in the darkroom altogether. Community shared and the history of the medium moving forward. And I also continue to use the most basic elements of photography - light and silver reacting - to mark my presence in the space of the darkroom.