Project info

This series is an excerpt of my long-term project HERE AN NOW. The photographs are about life. The life of my children as it unfolds on the streets.

For children, life on the streets is a discovery every day. But how is it to be a child? How was it to be a child? When you have no worries about yesterday or tomorrow? When only the moment counts? For adult’s childhood often seems like a desirable and endlessly ongoing time in life with full of love, joy and safety, but from a child’s perspective it is also a rollercoaster of emotions, an eternal struggle between the child’s simultaneous dependence and need for autonomy: self-discovery, fear, happiness, pain, hope and self-doubt. The emotional state of a young child often suddenly changes from one second to another.
I try to capture these unique moments in a honest way, as they come up in a natural manner. I don’t ask my sons to pose for me. But as I keep a camera on hand as often I can, I am able to record their life in a fluid way. So these images are candid — not staged — but always subjective.