Rebirth and Resurrection
Project info

With this project I would like to present an alarming scrutiny of the inhumane methods of slaughtering fish raised in mass Aqua Farms.  Many of these infractions are not conforming to the World Organization  for Animal Health guidelines.
These breaches are occurring in Asia, one of the world’s leaders in fish farming and the United States, where there are still no regulations.
Inhumane methods are tragically still found in the EU and throughout the world.  Although fish are included in the EU legislation under general minimum standards for farm slaughter, there are still no details on the killing methods used for them.
Appalling statistics are recorded for this cruelty, such as:

•          Only 60% of mass farmed fish survive long enough to be slaughtered, they are then starved for up to 10 days before killing.
•          Suffocating the fish either on the ice or in the air, taking up to 10 minutes or more to die.
•          Piercing their hearts, severing their gill arches without prior stunning. Different fish take different amount of time to die.
•          Chilling of water temperature before killing them with Carbon Dioxide.
The images that I exhibit here are of moribund fish, purchased from the supermarket. I decided not to use a camera, because I wanted to turn something inherently unappealing into something of beauty.  Using a scanner to portray the sterile countertops found in the slaughter houses with no emotional connection to ourselves.
Following this, I proceeded to piece the images together on my computer, and brought them visually back to life, as though snatched from nature.
Now  we have entered the world of these unexpectedly elegant and mysterious creatures, and we can now see and realize how truly magnificent they are. Upon your perusal, I have hidden a small hint of death in each image.
I do hope that I have brought some measure of clarity and awareness in helping to bring change to the unacceptable methods of slaughtering fish for human consumption.