Project info

The theme was developed from the introspective point of view, through the photographic portrait. Images were developed with subjects whom agreed to share their intimacy to generate new interference in the observers.

Interference are interactions coming from both, outside and interior world, and always condition our existence. Conditioning is one of the foundations of our life: the way we have been accepted or looked after are just the first forms of interference we have experienced.
Our experience is the set of adaptations built in response to the interferences that we have experienced; it is limited in time, space, and possibilities.
Interferences values vary over time, depend on subjects, culture, situations or the environment. The value we attribute to interferences depends on our life experience: understanding our relationship with them allows us to evolve. Our experience is unique, though only one of the many we could have lived: it is never a choice but a happening determined by all the interferences that have structured it. But a life that ultimately can evolve: a living life!