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ASINARA, Between freedom and imprisonment

We are in a pearl of Italy near to Sardinia, inside a National Park with integral protection. Nature dominate undisturbed all the uncontaminated surrounding area. In a difficult period like that caused by the climate change and the brutal enviromental foul-up we are all responsible for, It is amazing to find places like this where the animals can still be admired in the wild and healthy conditions. However it is a place that has a hard story of imprisonment and forced works from June 16, 1885. This area was chosen almost accidentally to be a agricultural crime colony. Appreciating the perfection of the island as a place from which it is impossible to escape, in June 25, 1971 was built the first prison of high-security in Italy from which only one man throughout the history of the prison managed to escape, thus becoming the safest prison in the world even more than Alcatraz from which 29 man escaped.
Over the years more than 10 branches of various security levels were built dislocated around the island, and for the most dangerous Mafia boss were built real bunkers without any chance to have contact with others or even just look at the sky except for few hours per week.
This prison was built for criminals from all over the world but mostly for the Red Brigades and late for Mafia boss, who was sentenced to life without parole. Here sojourned the most popular criminals like Totò Riina or Renato Curcio.
All prisoners spent their days as if they were alive and dead, called shadow men without any present and without any future.
The prison was abolished in 1998 and the island became a protect area in 2002.
Since then it governs only freedom.

I suggest to read the book Man shadow write by a prisoner, Carmelo Musemeci.