New Habitat
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New Habitat ; relocating endangered species to safer grounds

Climate change, poaching and the destruction of natural habitat for commercial ends are the principal drivers behind the near- extinction of many animal species. According to the IUCN there are over 22,000 species on the Red List with a status ranging from vulnerable to critically endangered.

In Borneo I personally witnessed the destruction of primary rain forest to make way for palm oil plantations. As an artist I felt the need to address this problem of natural habitat loss in a creative way. To emphasize the need for a safer environment for threatened species I started "New Habitat".
This series is about relocating endangered animals to safer grounds.

So the Reticulated Giraffes for instance found a new home at Geysir Iceland whereas the Emperor Penguins photographed in Hindeloopen Holland look like the never left Antarctica. Stark contrast in the series is provided by "Lost Habitat Borneo" asserting the need for safer grounds.