Total Recall
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Artist Statement : Aaron Yeandle

The habitat can conjure a multitude of meanings and emotions for an individual. The conflict in the home environment is a very personal and life changing experience, which can remain with you for a number of years or the rest of your life.

This series of photographs deals with the process of having to return to this domestic habitat once a year, which unfortunately invokes my hidden malevolent memories, of family, childhood and adulthood. These images delve into my household environment and the near surroundings of my displaced upbringing.

This personal project has been a long-term exploration into this ominous and complicated habitation. Each interior shot in this series had to be captured surreptitiously over a number of Christmases. Each photograph has an intimate meaning of a particular time and place, which communicates the story of this microscopic habitat.

As most habitats evolve over time due to numerous reasons, this family mausoleum has not. The interior of this house has mystifyingly stayed intact for over the past 30 years. In many ways so has the immediate surrounding neighbourhood, which only intensifies the same feelings every time my sibling and I return to this emotionally charged environment.