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This is a work in progress.
We have heard much recently about the benefits of perpetual connectivity and the emulation of closeness through social media, but this is a tale about when these convenient forms of digital communication suddenly (and forcefully) replace actual physical proximity and contact, such as when one person leaves their home of many years and moves across the planet.

In which ways do these tools of contact replace and sustain the corporal feeling of closeness and kinship? How is the dissemination of media changing the nature of the photograph; what is more real, a hand printed image from negative or the same image scanned and uploaded to a tablet computer, shared around the world?

Using modern methods of social interaction like Skype, Google Hangout and FaceTime to bring what is far away, close, these photographs are portraits of the people and places out of reach, those who since have become near, and the earthbound places which remain between us.