Post Prison
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On my way home to Ireland for Christmas 2013- the first time I was to see my family in a year and a half, I was arrested in Bangkok Suvarnmabumi Airport and detained on the grounds of “falsifying an impression of the Kings seal”. Unbeknownst to me I had been scammed twelve months previously by my teaching agency in Thailand. A series of unfortunate events and misunderstandings later, I was imprisoned in Samut Prakan Central Prison, two hours north of Bangkok. It was a harrowing ordeal to say the least. During those three weeks of incarceration I lost much more than just my freedom. Thankfully, my family and contacts pulled off some major stunts and were able to get me released.
When I arrived home in Nenagh, Ireland I had a long, deep sleep and the next morning I picked up my camera. I didn’t know why but I immediately felt like taking pictures of little things around me that suddenly seemed like such major, wonderful things. The view of the garden out my bedroom window brought so much joy to my heart! The warm golden glow in the kitchen in the morning and all the happy mornings of my past, it was all so wonderfully familiar, comfortable and safe.
I went outside from there and began taking pictures- not of pretty or interesting things but things that just sort of struck me.