Austi Beach rock pool
Project info

I live in a small village on the south coast of New South Wales, south of Sydney. Many Australian beaches have swimming pools perched on the rock platforms and fortunately for me, there is one just down the road.

I love to capture layers using the blue sky and sea as the backdrop to create contrast. My favourite time to shoot is late in the day, in the golden hour, on a clear sunny day. This creates strong colours and contrast and I often use a vivid colour profile to accentuate this. I want my photos to be truly representative of the place where I live and of the Australian beach culture.

People of all ages, of different socio economic and cultural backgrounds use the local pool and beach. It is a place where people from the local community and outsiders gather, and it reflects the culture of the place where I live. It is an intimate place, where people are exposed in their near nakedness and everyone becomes equal. Culture and class becomes irrelevant. Everyone enjoys this special place and I love to capture that energy. There is a physical dynamism but people are also contemplative and at peace which I also love to capture.