General Entry - Emerging Talent Awards
Project info

This series is the glance which I carry on the world of childhood. I rewrote like an intimate walk, the games the attitudes and the moments that I observed. Attentive to be only one observer with the edge of a magic and mysterious world. Through the series a subtle draft of this period located between early childhood and the preadolescence takes shape. A poetic world or lightness, loneliness and unconcern mix. Playing between the attitudes of my daughters and my felt personal I photographed their universe while seeking through them to rewrite mine of which I have few memories. Sometimes in order to translate this transitory period I used the double exposure to the catch of sight.
To be able to return in a universe where all is possible still and nothing is not defined, to try to share dreamlike and poetry… The choice of paper, its standard texture Art schools ( Foma ), also brought one made timeless to this series which comprises about thirty images to date.