Moscow twins
Project info

It is well-known that the human eye sees everything with more subtle nuances than even the best camera. Yet, on the other hand, quite often it does not notice, or would not notice, due to psychological reasons, the objects which the lens registers with its inherent impartiality.

So, when I showed my series at the exhibition in Moscow and to my friends, it turned out that a lot of them did not notice, or would not notice, these two huge smokestacks, unconsciously removing them from the urbanscape.

That is why the title of the series came to echo the notorious New York “twin towers”, with the only difference being that the latter suddenly disappeared from the skyline, while the Moscow “twins”, on the contrary, grew flesh, suddenly revealing their presence on the panorama of the city.

Moreover, it turned out that the Moscow twins have their own inexplicable aesthetics. My friends are calling me to tell that, viewing Moscow, they unexpectedly look for these “twins” now.

The project "Moscow twins" is part of a larger book project on the urban environment on the example of Moscow - "Absurd is the new logic".