Afraid of not being misunderstood
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“Afraid of not being misunderstood”

I took myself in front of mirror. So you can see always all my figures and my camera in one frame.
My works is come from my oxymoronic two kinds of desire.
Being misunderstood and not.
Separating another one from realistic myself, and at the same time, connecting them.
In my case, I used the mirror so that I discovered the others from myself,
and at the same time I used the camera so that put them into real myself again.
The relationship between the mirror and I is subconscious, so I can imagine fantasy, it’s the desire.
And the relationship between the camera and I is conscious, so I can realize real world.
So to speak, I can see the 99% different image separated from myself by the mirror,
but finally I can recognize all of them as myself by using a camera.
It means, the mirror is misleading tool, and the camera is fixing role.
For effective changing my figure, it means, for taking my various images, decorating myself was not sufficient. So, sometimes I had to lose my weight 15 kg. I had to raise my hair long.
Because, I wanted to be misunderstood seriously, and to record my effort as documentary photography about my inside without any photoshop skill. So, I respected the emotion that was very afraid of not being misunderstood about me.
My real life is quite different from my self-portraits. But after all, my works are both genuine and fake. Because the camera and mirror were facing each other.