Predappio 2017. Mussolini's anniversary birthday
Project info

With the premise that this mini reportage has no political purpose, but represents a personal curiosity about what is Predappio for Right Italian politics. Political tourism, folklore, ideology, historicism, etc. History tells us that in times of economic and migration crisis, the righteous and nationalists can emerge and lend themselves to the thoughts and fears of a people, which is why I wanted to personally and photographically assess whether this is happening in Italy. I just wish they were talking to the pictures, which I did not dedicate any caption or title to. However, my personal assessment is this: in Italy there will no longer be a real right and a real left, because the same policy is governed by the strong powers and the great capitals of multinationals. No government and repeat no government that is right, center, and left can represent the will of a people. So for me, for stays on the subject, it's a folkloristic and commercial event.