The Photography Master Retreat, July 9-16, 2016. South of France.
Project info

THE PHOTOGRAPHY MASTER RETREAT, a unique one-week professional retreat in the south of France featuring four internationally renowned mentors, will be returning for its 2016 edition next July 9-16, 2016. The week after Les Rencontres d’Arles. Applications are due before or latest on March 1, 2016.
The retreat is designed for professional or aspiring pro professional photographers/artists in any genre – fine art, conceptual, or documentary – who are passionate about their existing work and committed about taking it to the next level. Four internationally acclaimed mentors will guide, advise and inspire 16 participants. Mentors include former New Yorker visuals editor and curator Elisabeth Biondi; artist-educators Katharina Bosse and Martine Fougeron: and Lyle Rexer, a critic, curator and educator.

Not a shooting trip but a rare chance to pause and reflect, it is a career-enhancing opportunity for professional critique and artistic introspection and bonding during a memorable one-week immersive and communal experience in this remotely beautiful hamlet conducive to contemplation as well as conversation, one-on-one and group discussion, and career-altering inspiration.

Sixteen participants will be chosen from submitted applications which are due latest on March 1, 2016. As of February 1, only a couple of openings are left for the 2016 Retreat.

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Photos in this portfolio are courtesy of Daniel Levine, Rene Monrose, Sharon Draghi, Gianluca Calise, Rosemarie Zens, Magali Couffon de Trevos, Smith Galtney, Jeff Weddel, Monika Barth, Uschi Becker, Brenda Biondo, Cathryn Griffith, Elisabeth Scheder-BIeschin, Malika Squali and the Mentors.