Agonised Souls
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I have shot these images of Drug Addicts at BARACA – Bangladesh Rehabilitation and Assistance Center for Addicts, the first and the biggest drug treatment and rehabilitation center of Bangladesh & at the Day-care center for females. The duration of the course in the center is 4 months, during which the addicts are not allowed to leave or communicate with the outside world.
The center provides therapeutic and psychotropic treatments for their recovery.

The addicts have developed psychotic states over the years of abusing drugs & Hepatitis B/C is a common phenomena among them.

Drug use started from the very beginning in Bangladesh, narcotic type drugs entered Bangladesh primarily in the eighties when it became a national and social problem. From the geographic indication Bangladesh located in the “Golden triangle” in Southeast Asia (Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand), the “Golden crescent” of South-West Asia (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran), it is located also in the midst of golden ways of South-middle Asia. Bangladesh has direct Air and Naval connections with these drug producing countries. As the drug dealers made Bangladesh the crossroad of international drug trafficking, synthetic drug consumers developed gradually in the country.