Sounds of the Subway
Project info

While photography has always been my first and most enthusiastic passion, music has always played an important role in my life. As a fluent flautist and avid appreciator of all kinds of music, I found myself mesmerized by the talented musicians of the underground world of the New York City subway tunnels. Despite the hustle and bustle, the millions of faces too busy to stop and listen, these passionate artists would rather play in these dark, unforgiving spaces than sacrifice their desire to perform. These talented souls share their gifts in whatever way they can, from empty platforms to cacophonous transportation hubs, lining narrow tunnel walls and camping out under stairwells despite an increasingly dismissive attitude towards artists and their abilities. The conditions under which these artists perform highlight the stark realities of our modern and fast‑paced world, where inspirational talents face innumerable struggles against a sea of adversity. Facing such aggressive and intense mobs of unfamiliar faces while pouring your heart out to the world day after day for spare change highlights the passion and drive that exists in each of us. They are living examples of our potential if we are only willing to take risks and bravely face the struggles that stand between us and our dreams. They show us how to live our dreams unapologetically by chasing after them relentlessly, and that to me is one of the most beautiful things about the human race: our resiliency.