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Most of these photos where taken in Rome centre of the Catholic religion, seat of the Pope, offices of the Holy See, of St Peter Cathedral and many other famous pilgrimage sites, where religion interlaces naturally (or unnaturally?) with commerce, tourism, marketing and public life. While in the past centuries the fusion of temporal and spiritual power was assumed, today, after the government secularization at the beginning of the XX century, it developed a split between these 2 powers, particularly discernible in Rome, seat of the Vatican City, where there are permanently or temporarily residents, come on pilgrimage, or only to visit, a number of priests and nuns. Ceremonies and architecture still reflect the glorious past where temporal power was part of everyday cleric life and it was one of the founding value of their existence, while today they live in a strange state of contrast, where the reduction of their influence to the spiritual sphere only must confronts to modernity, technology, globalization, consumerism, values completely modified in the past 50 years. Clerics are naturally depositaries of tradition and handlers of the past, but today they frantically look for a modernization, an up to date, to communicate with believers in a new and effective way. On the brink between the inner need to be the tradition and past authority, and the attempt to modernize in order not to feel marginalized from the contemporary society, following the guidelines dictated by the summit and individually declined, the result is a version of catholicism that may appears sometimes awkward and funny.
This series aims to explore this ridge-line, the difficult pursuit to harmonize traditions and moving with the times.