Between The Light
Project info

The moment when darkness falls over a city, can be associated with a certain romantic beauty, that contrasts with our fear and aversion to the night.

The lights in a city can turn a place into something new. A closer look on unimposing houses or street corners expose the unnoticed secrets that hide behind the obvious. Deserted and abandoned, partially immersed by the shadows of the darkness, these places show us their new face.

Sporadically illuminated windows and street lamps in murky alleys are hints for the untold stories of the night. The bright neon lights and the bare bulbs keep away the darkness until morning comes and reveals all the details again.

In my series “Between The Light” I show photographs of San Francisco at night. The basic concept is to fill the shadows of the city with light to illuminate the obscured and unnoticed hidden corners. This will introduce a new perspective of the darkness and the blaze of the night unfolds in all its beauty to the viewer.