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In Ibi—a province of Alicante, Spain—the “Flour War” takes place on December 28th of every year. The Flour War is a festival in which the citizens are divided into two groups: the first is called the “Enfarinat,” or “the floured,” and they simulate a coup d’état. They take control of the town, pronouncing ridiculous laws and fining citizens who infringe them. Another group, “La Oposicio” (The Opposition) tries to restore order and calm the rebellion. At the end of the day, the fines are donated to charity. The teams play with flour, water, eggs and colored smoke bombs, and the photos taken during the “contest” are beautiful.

It has been celebrated for 200 years. Its origins are linked to the Massacre of the Innocents—when Herod, the Roman-appointed King of the Jews, ordered the execution of all young male children around Bethlehem in order to avoid losing his throne to Jesus.

—Antonio Gibotta