Western Series (China) —— "Street" Lensculture 2017
Project info

The end of 2015 ---- 2016 early, the first time I went to Xinjiang to live and travel, everything is fresh, wonderful, everywhere was touched by those wonderful moving human details, so, with these works.

This series of works is based on cool colors, I want the effect. Of course, you can now see the B & W series, key words of the simple introduction has been said: humanities documentary photography.”humanities” is the theme, that is why my work is different from the general street shooting works. The so-called “humanities”, my understanding, is to reflect all the details of people’s daily life. So, my work is to document a variety of details. Just the premise is also consistent with the theme of this contest ------ street shooting.

On Facebook, someone is discussing the dignity of people, to respect the human problem, I said, as long as you are to praise life, show beauty, documentary human nature, expose reality, criticism ugly, artistic humor and other normal mentality to face you the object, it must be respect for the people, respect and fear of life. My work is.

Thank you so much !
Wells Cheng





Wells Cheng