Ashes of stupidity
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Fourty years ago, along the roads in Provence, public authorities had installed signs warning against fire. Because too many people did not care of their matches and cigarets, throwing its through the windows of their cars. And also, some ones made camp fire or, even, they lighted fire for pleasure. Maybe some of them were unconscious, others were criminals, but the fact is the same: the land was devasted by fire every summer, ground was washed away during raining days and for many many years, the landscape was only made of white stone and black burned peace of wood.

How can some one be so stupid to ignore that dry bushes in the heat of the sun are ready to burn with the first spark? How can some one be so criminal to destroy forests for his pleasure? I don't know. But the fact is that these awareness campagn were not useless; the number of fire decreased for a few years. And we also must pay tribute to the firemen who have been more and more efficient.

But this summer 2017, we must believe that the stupidity went back. The fires were numerous and wide, and not only in Provence.
I went to a place were I used to spend hollydays when I was a child, near the sea. At this time, our feet were crunching the dry ground, the warm air was smelling the pine resin and the thyme, giving us the assurance to be at our right place, rooted in our land even if the sound of cicadas was not a song but an existential challenge.
Now, there was the silence, a ground of dust and ashes, a landscape of tortured trees, not only black but dead and forever cold. And there was not rooted smell, it was like an insipid old BBQ lighted by stupid men who can have no idea of what is to inhabit a land.
I have made some pictures here. I hope that the reckless will see them. May be they will be usefull.

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