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From LATEXOS exhibition:

And here, in ours, in 2016, the photographs of Luis Botana participate in all those gestures of the most purely photographic. In them we are surprised by the material of the vivid beats that beat the thought, the emergence of the forces of emotion through the eyes, through a naked look in which the animal and the child give body to the innocence of wandering freely, in a flight that is path and day after day, the construction of another memory, of a memory of the body, of a material memory exempt from giving one thing like another by means of words. Luis's glances-visions are inescapable from the first fleeting glance. We get caught as we are trapped our own dreams or as do the insects in the amber. There is no passing simply past a coveted and decorative artistic object. The pristine enigma of the seen, offered to other eyes immediately turns us into witnesses involved in the emotion, involved in the enigma, the commitment of the skin. This is essential in the images that Luis presents in this collection so his; the commitment to the vital experience far from the conventional ideological impostures.
This heart rhythm of Luis's gaze drags us to the necessary immersion in the work of one of the greatest Galician photographers of the moment. Outside of the institutionalization, so common in our environment, outside the mannerisms, little more than constant in our artistic media, these heartbeats constitute a way out of the cemetery of elephants of the Galician culturality of the great symbolic-economic disasters. Solitary step that provides the example of how with heart creation can stop drowning in the self-referential and offer a home where the instinct and the thought come together. For only the instinct in connivance with the thought can take us from the archaic mimicry of the primate society to return us to life without totems and without mantras of which we appropriate the human experience.
An irreplaceable journey in which to arrive and return reduce their deceitful duplicity in inhabiting the world. My advice is: submerge until you reveal your personal novels in this permanent journey.

PEP PARAMOS, ( photographer, art critic, curator )