Project info

"The MIAO's" is the project, that I have been working since 2014, and focusing on the people of Chinese Miao Nationality
The Miao is the 5th biggest one among 56 nationalities in China with the population of about 10 million Miao people. The Miao has a very long history as same as Chinese history, with its special traditions, rich and great culture.

The Miao family started in 2000 B.C. in the middle of ancient China. They gradually migrated to the southwest of China due to the defeat of war by other family. And they moved into remote mountain area in Guizhou, Yunan, Guangxi, Hunan etc provinces in order to avoid the chase by other family. Until now there are millions of Miao's still living in the remote places where are far away from the urban. The Life of the Miao's has improved great in the recent years, but some of them are still in a poor conditions, because the location are hard to reach by traffic, the lack of water supply, lack of field for farming...

Following the fast economic development in China, the Miao's special traditions and culture changed rapidly as well. The project is the series of the environment portraiture all taken inside the Miao's house, trying to show the Miao's and their living house as well as the limited remaining customs nowadays.

The subject in all photographs of the PROJECT were captured under the circumstances of native individuals with their own costume, natural place where they are living, and natural lights without additional artificial lights so that the Miao's real life in the real environment can be recorded. The Miao's in the project covered 63 different villages in the five provinces in China until now.

The Project is still ongoing...