Looking Beyond the Shell
Project info

I create portraits that tell stories. My work portrays displaced residents who have lost everything. I capture their way of living in inner cities in all sorts of conditions. By shooting the displaced, I want to bring together a community so that we can stand with each other through tough times. Visually I wasn’t to bring awareness to the truth that the homeless have a story to tell. More importantly, I want to dispel the notion that being too lazy and not wanting to go and better their lives causes homelessness and begging. Many of my subjects have just run out of luck and faith because there have been cuts in jobs, which leads to losing homes, cars, and even having to split up their family. Some homeless who are living on the streets are veterans who came back from fighting the war and are too proud to ask for money. My series of photographs Looking Beyond the Shell is a truth statement that captures the harsh reality of life.