Project info

Kilka wybranych fotografii, z różnych projektów, które zrobiłam do tej pory/ A few selected photos from various projects

Poniżej fragment recenzji z LensCulture:
"Your photographs share an engaged sense of interactions between people, environment, and the camera. They are intuitive and read as having been produced by someone who is deeply connected and engaged to these places.
Your photography provides an incredible amount of exploration and connection. It reads incredibly clearly in the imagery, and a viewer is transported to these places that they otherwise might not have access too. It's really great to see that you are pushing yourself to take frames that are rich and make incredibly good use of color. This precision really helps add to the engagement of these images as well as stimulates the use of space in relationship to the subjects. You allow everything a lot of natural light, which is lovely. They have personality and capture something that would easily go missed or overlooked (...)