Tempelhof. Metamorphoses
Project info

'Tempelhof' – a decommissioned airport, a huge area of fallow land in the middle of the metropolis of Berlin. Three hundred hectares that have lost their purpose and are in search of a new one. I am enchanted by this magical urban oasis, and I am absolutely compelled to photograph there. I began taking pictures in 2010, directly following the opening of the airfield to the public – and I haven't stopped to this day. It fascinates me to observe how this space develops in its state of limbo – 'in between' – initially free of any intended use. Will this free area – the so-called Tempelhofer Freiheit – continue to exist?

These pictures show an extract from my long-term project 'Tempelhof. Metamorphoses' capturing the transformation of this unique urban space.

— anna thiele