Project info

'Dusha' (Russian word for 'soul') series is a glimpse into the soul of my mother and her inner world. It is like a bridge to the space of her creative origin – bizarre, fascinating and dreamy. My mom is a rare woman with her own unconquerable romanticism and heightened sensitivity of perception. For many years, my mother has been suffering from depression and the inability to express herself creatively. She had to start insulin therapy, something she was afraid of since being a little girl, watching how diabetes took away first her grandmother and then mother. As if looking in a mirror, I myself struggle with the insulin resistance; there is a fear of diabetes, a predetermined scenario of development, unspokenness and painful vulnerability. By bringing out feelings of powerlessness and injustice, the process itself has become a therapy and realization for both of us against emotional self-alienation, isolation and sensory deprivation.