Drunken Dolly
Project info

This series I made a few years ago. I met Drunken Dolly in a club near the city where I live. They were on a small tour in the Netherlands. I heard from a friend that they were some young talented punk musicians, and they were different in style. Meaning banjo and mandolin and lots of beer!

As I grew up in the 80s punk was the ultimate way to express ourselves against the society with our clothes and protest. But Punk is also a lot of fun music.

That evening when they all were standing outside talking and joking with each other with their rented tour fan. I remembered what I had missed being a jazz vocalist. I always worked with my father and professional musicians for more than twelve years. It never occurred to me that during that time in my life I have no friends who played jazz...

One year later they played again but then on a bigger stage. I decided to come to the concert unannounced with my camera. I wanted to do something that I had missed maybe to compensate. Also, to prove to myself that I could do it. I decided that moment from here on I am that artist that I always have been.

The concert was great, I felt back in time it was funny and spectacular. We had a lot of fun making this series. Drunken Dolly is still playing as a band. I hope you all enjoy it...