Project info

As I dance the flamenco

I am born in Eemnes, the Netherlands. Growing up in an artistic environment with my father who was a jazz musician and a visual artist. My mother is an alt mezzo-soprano singer. Singing jazz professionally by the age of fourteen was part of my education. Growing up with art and philosophy, my father taught me life lessons what no university can teach. Teachings are experiences and life itself. As a teenager starting practicing meditations techniques on my way to self-knowledge.

Besides the singing, I had a great interest in flamenco dancing and trained several years flamenco techniques. I gave up my dancing for my singing career. Over the past 30 years, I have worked with many audiences, stages and great musicians. About five years ago I ended my singing career. I have no regrets.

Starting photographing in 2013 in the streets of Amsterdam where I am working on my project in the Red Light District.

At the moment I am working on art video with some flamenco skills.

For more information about my work visit my website.