Simona Kira Dissegna
Project info

Last year I visited the gay pride for photographing extravagant outgoing people. Walking around in the streets of Amsterdam with my camera I met the lovely Kira the Lady Shark called in real life Simona.

Simona Kira Dissegna is a transgender and actress in the fetish scene. I send her some pictures on Facebook, and we kept in touch. We also had a mutual friend who is making a documentary about her life. One year later we decided to do a photo session. We both wanted to make some art over the transgender theme and to talk about our different lives.

I remember it was on a Sunday drive to Amsterdam, where Simona is living with her new girlfriend Janey also transgender. On my way to Amsterdam, I got lost at the freeway and landed in some town outside of Amsterdam. I stopped at the nearby station to call Simona that I was going to be a little later. She explained to me how to drive to her house without my TomTom. I was so nervous and stressed finding the street where she lives that when I finally arrived and I buzzed the doorbell.... Chucky, a border collie pup barked enthusiastically while opening the door, Chucky was running around the house with a blanket and followed us everywhere during the photo shoot, it was so sweet with the dog around it was relaxed.

I asked Simona that I always wondered why people work or go out in the fetish scene and everything that has to do with kinky sex. I had some questions. Do I understand and want to know why? Sometimes I am worried....

I did a lot of research in the fetish scene and talked to many people about BDSM during my investigation. Still, I don't understand what is so appealing about it. What could be the reason or desire why people love to play it?

Simona told me that for her playing BDSM it is a lot of excitement, she loves to work in that scene. BDSM is all about being submissive or dominance, sadism, masochism. Simona tells me that Self-love fantasies and the physical limitations, focusing on intense stimuli and playing with the balance of power makes it exciting. Visiting clubs and private events in a latex suit or leather wearing a mask and natural the use of several methods for sexual stimulation like spanking and ropes using attributes, the planning, organizing and much more. It is a lifestyle.

But.... knowing that SM is not a new thing in our society and that Marquis de Sade has written his first novel in 1785, the 120 days of Sodom, republished in 1904 besides that cruelty, this film has to offer.
The filming of the book by Pasolini has the underlying thought making an indictment against the excesses of capitalism thus also autocratic political ideology. Many of the exhibited humiliations are symbolic in this film and making his point is that power and corruption work in hand and always has to be careful that there is never too much power in too many hands.

Also, some BDSM players are intrigued by the description of the myth Lucifer. Not the morning star Lucifer from the common Bible but the tradition from the Christian and the Jewish, the fallen angel. Is it the battle of Satan against GOD? Based on experience and Bible study that Lucifer and Satan are two different beings and that "Lucifer" has become an indication of the devil. A Satan or devil is a random fallen angel, while Satan strikes the leader of all fallen angels....?

In my opinion knowledge about human sexual desire is somewhat limited when it comes to BDSM and I recently read somewhere that in Berlin it is prohibited. It is not excepted in our society and creates a huge taboo. In our world, with high technology, quantum psychics and access to spiritual knowledge you might think times have changed but when it comes to our sexuality nothing much has changed.

This year the documentary about Simona her life is going to be revealed at the Dutch Film festival.