Competition Masterclass @RahiRezvanistudio
Project info

This year the company the Eizo Netherlands organized a competition for photographers to win a masterclass at Rahi Rezvani his studio. I am a great fan of Rahi his work and also, very curious how he creates his art besides the technical aspects. There has to be a person with a visual sense, thoughts, and creativity.

It felt like an exceptional competition and also very mysterious. Not just winning a prize, money or a camera. More interesting is meeting the person behind this work, so I enthusiastically decided to enter. Every month they had a different category. The month August was the theme for fashion.

After considerable consultation with my best friend Florentine Scheffer who is also a model and a good writer, we have planned this photo shoot together.

Florentine and I have spent quite a lot of time making these photos and are very happy with the results of our work.

Winning this Masterclass means that I have achieved with my artwork. Looking forward to December where I get the opportunity to discover and to develop myself further.

Thank you, Eizo and Rahi Rezvani.