Vision Story
Project info

This photo collage I made during meditating.

A little while ago my mom and I were making a city trip to Steensel, a small town near the city Eindhoven. We visited several cities and on our way driving back to the hotel, we stopped at the local farm to look at the cows. I walked to them at the stable with my mom waiting for me in the car.

I am standing behind the fence. I feel this inner space filled with silence and connection when the cows approached me. They are impressive to look at I was a little hesitant and afraid. I stood there for a little while and made some photo's and then I walked away and stepped in the car. The farmer looked back at us very surprised when we drove away waving.

At home making, this collage words can't describe exactly the meaning by looking or studying this photo collage. The aim is to create your own experience.