Tiger Striped Skies
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The world grows fast and humans need to learn how to adapt to the narrow space available on earth. From makeshift homes to modern living spaces in crowded cities, we see a wide variety of homes and urban infrastructure accrued due to the limited space available.

Singapore as a major city of Asia stands as a symbol for innovative ideas to make people from all cultural and ethnical backgrounds live together in peace and harmony. The city not only offers a place for the rich and powerful, but also for the poor and hard working people that make living at such a high standard possible. From modern architecture to social housing programs, from food courts to elite restaurants, the variety of space and how it is used, is enormous in this city. But what seems well planed and perfectly organized does have its downsides.

This is an homage and a portrait to a city, that obviously does not sleep and besides all the perfectly organized coexistence of all people holds challenges that need to be mastered day by day. A closer look sometimes reveals hidden secrets.