Project info

The series explores the human impact on coastal landscape; the effects of ‘the irresistible awakening of a collective desire for the shore’ that came with the rise of urban, industrial society in the 19th century and continues to this day. It highlights the deliberate instrumentalization of the natural environment through its mass occupation and subsequent modification for the purposes of health and hedonism, recreation and retreat.
Some old postcards of bathers in idyllic beaches around the world made me think of the way photographers choose to depict human presence on the beach. In these postcards they most probably aimed at promoting the beaches, yet people are always in the picture as if they were live sculptures or the Beijing terracotta warriors on vacation! The ultimate goal is to clearly illustrate the recreational use of the sore.
Human Prints is a photographic project about people who visit popular or deserted beaches for a short or a long period of time, imposing on them their urban aesthetics and morality.
My research focuses on the "migration" from the city to the shore and on the ways human activity fills the landscape. This ritual is recorded differently each time, the bather becomes the central theme without him/her being interested in it, he/she is only there as part of the charm of the landscape!