Geometry of Energy ²
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Power transmission lines are components of the electric power system, designed for the transmission of electrical energy.
Few of us now can imagine our life without lighting, trams, trolleybuses or subway, elevators and sewerage, television and radio broadcasting, household appliances, mobile phones and the Internet. Towns and villages, the tundra and deserts, rivers and mountains are permeated by a network of power transmission lines to deliver electricity to us. People are accustomed either to ignore them, taking them for a natural background, or to consider them as "annoying hindrances" that spoil the scenery of the city or prevent people from walking around. In my opinion, these man-made giants organically fit into the surrounding landscape.
Species diversity of power line supports that hold the power line wires at a certain distance from each other and from the ground surface is amazing. To perform the same function, depending on various conditions and design parameters, various constructions are used, identical in essence, but diverse in forms. For me as for an engineer-electrician the transmission lines are very functional, but at the same time, in their geometric patterns, these monumental designs have their own fascinating charm.