Project info

At a precarious historical time for the UK, 'kingdom' takes a broad ranging look around the country.

Since 2000 I have travelled extensively around the UK photographing architecture. I have always been drawn to scenes that give a sense of the country's deep weave. Scenes that capture the significance of homes, industry, infrastructure and landscape. The relationships that underpin and characterise a country.

With the UK repositioning itself in a struggling globalised world, nationhood has become a pressing issue. This got me thinking more seriously about these relationships, looking at the physical environment and noting views in which they made themselves most evident. Since 2016 I have been working on this expanding series of photographs.

The photographs look mostly beyond the spectacle and branding of city centres, probing at the broader accumulated environment; its long industrial and urban history, its development and absorption of change, its social links and its common bind. In the current flurry of national uncertainty and politicking, 'kingdom' takes a wide-ranging look at the complex bind of relationships that characterise a country and how they are at odds with the quick changing, fracturing nature of globalisation.