Project info

At a precarious historical moment for the UK, 'kingdom' takes a broad ranging look around the country.

Since 2000 I have travelled extensively around the UK photographing architecture. I have got to know areas of it's urban & industrial landscape well and have always been drawn to scenes that give a sense of the country's deep weave. Scenes that capture the significance of homes, industry, infrastructure and landscape. The relationships that underpin and sustain a country.

Since the Scottish independance referendum and continuing through Brexit, nationhood has become a pressing issue for the UK. This got me thinking more seriously about these relationships, looking at the physical environment and noting views in which they made themselves most evident. I started adding to shots I had already taken and over the last couple years have built up an expanding series of photographs.

The photographs look mostly beyond the spectacle and branding of city centres. Probing at the broader accumulated environment, its long industrial and urban history, its development and absorption of change, its social links and its common bind. In the current flurry of national uncertainty and politicking, 'kingdom' takes a wide ranging look at the complex bind of relationships that characterise a country.