Berlin Stills
Project info

Life is a wondrous theatre ‒ Berlin is the stage on which my pictures emerge. I like to follow the footsteps of the people in those places where the city shows its 'new face', where Berlin is changing the most. In this scenery, in the interrelations between spaces and people, I find my picture stories. It is the geometry and also the poetry of the random moment that attracts me. I never interfere in what's happening.

The photographs shown in this series were taken in Berlin's government district, which was build on the site of the former Berlin Wall. It stands as a symbol for German Unity and the huge transformation of Berlin since 1989. Being an integral part of the city and open to the public, it creates a particular scenic interaction between the citizens and the monumental architecture.

As a photographer I am fascinated by such places that show a certain mismatch of sizes ‒ tiny humans in wide spaces and vast man-made structures. Making my pictures there I usually keep distance to people, so they remain small, figurative, almost de-individualized. The way they move and behave there seems to me like a metaphor for the fundamental search for ones personal place in (urban) life.

— anna thiele