Berlin Stills
Project info

Life is a wondrous theatre ‒ Berlin is the stage on which my pictures emerge. I like to follow the footsteps of the people in those places where the city shows its 'new face', where Berlin is changing the most. In this scenery, in the interrelations between spaces and people, I find my picture stories. It is the geometry and also the poetry of the random moment that attracts me. I never interfere in what's happening.

With the camera I usually keep distance to people - like a flâneur. People in my pictures remain small, figurative, almost de-individualized. I see things as through a reversed telescope ‒ because I have time, live slowly, whereas the pace of life around me turns faster and faster. And how small we humans are in the face of destiny: We tirelessly strive to find our place in the world, but everything can be taken from our hands at any moment. I have experienced this fragility of my own life path through an accident.

I try to express this ambivalence of life in my pictures. Photography allows me to deal with these existential issues, to deal with the immediate proximity of beauty and transience. It allows me to express what I cannot put into words and to communicate via my pictures. I manage that best when I let myself be guided by nothing else than my curiosity and intuition while taking my pictures. Thus, my series are gradually created over longer periods of time.

— anna thiele