How Long Is Now?
Project info

This body of work contains images I took in the last 3 years.
"How Long Is Now?" is about individuals, everyday people, lost in their surroundings. It is about isolation and solitude. It is a feeling, we all have, few times in the day, that sets up our sadness, or confusion. It is all about how long that moment lasts and what will it inspire - what feeling will it feed, for how long. It is just a moment in time. Sometimes it is the only moment that is truly ours. Too often, it is the only moment we can be completely honest with our fears and desires. The "now" we all want to touch. The "now", that makes the world disappear for a glimpse of time. How long it last, determines, who we really are. "How Long Is Now?" is the question I want to ask with my submission.