Art and Culture of Beekeeping
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My first time beekeeping I was told that it would be good to minimize any chance of being mistaken for a bear. Apparently, honeybees don’t enjoy the company of bears. I am pretty short and nowhere near as furry as a bear, but I took care to dress appropriately: bright shirt, light jeans, and sneakers. I grew up with a mother who is deathly allergic to honeybee venom, and I feel like that had instilled an additional layer of bee-related caution compared to most people. Long story short - I wasn't taking any chances.
Beekeeping has been a part of human culture for thousands of years, so I decided to suit up and dive in and see what the buzz was all about. These images are some of the first of an ongoing project on beekeeping in America, aiming to highlight the unique culture in a growing practice of saving a pollinator in decline.