Untitled (Paper cut-out animal photography)
Project info

My photography is basically talking about one thing. “ All lives matter, all souls matter.”
There are a lot of visual documents about animal cruelty, produced by animal organizations. What I think about all of these advertisements and campaigns is that they’re hard to keep your eyes on. All of them contain terrible scenes such as poking sticks into animals, hitting animals, and peeling animal’s skins.

I noticed that there are a lot of people willing to help the animals, but the visual images somehow make them want get away from the problem because they are horrified by the image. As a photographer who love animals, I realized that there’s something I can do about that. I decided talk about animal issues using my own language, which portrays luxury and seduction without showing any blood, so that people want to keep seeing the image rather than look away.

I believe in the power of being positive. If my photography affects people and makes them think more about animals, regardless of it’s animal issues or just few seconds of thought about animals, I would like to say that my goal is achieved.