Walking Asia
Project info

Walking through cities and towns is a never-ending adventure and those of Asia offer their own diverse surprises. I love to ramble through neighborhoods observing the daily life of inhabitants, their relationship to a changing urban landscape, and the interplay between the two. The overlap of old and new is visible everywhere – at street crossings, in markets and temples, on trains, or just around the next corner.

But while visually fascinating, cities can also be overpowering. How do people meet the challenges their environment poses, especially when many of them are new to urban life? I am inspired by the resilience I find.

In this project I delve into these questions in simple black and white images from Thailand, Japan, China, Korea and Nepal. Although not presented as a narrative, I do believe the images illustrate the lives and stories of people in these countries. And I hope they also communicate the wonder I often felt while walking in Asia.