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When two of my younger brothers died in a period of three years. I was broken beyond repair. I was angry at a nation that could not save their young men. And later I found out that anger could not solve the problem. So I started taking to the younger boys in my village. The problems were so deep and a tree could not make a forest.

Academically girls are doing better than boys at schools in my village... Boys dies more than girls in their infancy... Without girls my village will perish. And girls lives longer and often not involved in drugs as much as boys... The future belongs to girls..

I have lost three of my younger brothers one to malaria fever and two to drug related circumstances. Our government and the people in power do not want to adress the issue of drugs. And the issues about boys not wanting to go to schools.

In a statement made by the United Nations, Nigeria still has 10.5 million out-of-school children – the world’s highest number. 60 percent of those children are in northern Nigeria. If education is the gateway to securing the future of young people, the future of Nigeria’s children is in danger unless urgent interventions are implemented.

Boys are not expected to cry or ask for help. Boys are expected to take over the families and take care of their aging parents and take care of their younger ones. Boys are drawing in the sea of disappear without any hope in sight. Many of them that I have spoken to do not know how to handle the issue of being a young boy with so much expectations on themselves.

Without our young men, where would we be? They sometimes hold the weight of the world on their shoulders, even as they grow into adulthood. Hopefully new generations will be able to care and nurture our young boys, as they need guidance and much love and support. They need male mentors to educate them on the importance of our men in the future. And a government that is determined to win the war against the drugs on our streets.