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What does it feel like to have dreams that are simply too far away to become reality or a life that contains no form of positive inspiration? When does illusion start to play a part in our wishes, fears, dreams and disappointments? Does emotional illusion lead us to seek personal change and to help us escape undesirable circumstances? Does it allow us to see hope in our future?
I have been asking myself these questions ever since I first met my good friend X.
Dreams and emotional illusions seem to keep him alive. He sees the person he wants to become but a complicated family life has thwarted his ambitions. With no support structure, he relies on illusions of immediate success to stay above the surf. But these illusions waver between anxiety, anger, panic, violence and loneliness. He's like a drowning man. Only through immense determination to reach those dreams does he project his head above water.

With this project, I wish to visually document the immense range of emotions that one experiences when describing one's memories of growing up in an abusive household.